Where Self-Love Meets Love for Others

We believe that we are made for love

We recognize our intrinsic need for love, as well as our desire to love

Hence we believe in the importance of self-love, 

as much as we believe in the importance of loving others

What’s in a name?

The name Noelle traces its origin to the Latin word natalis, which means birth.

Along with the butterfly symbol that signifies transformation, Maison Noelle seeks to be a place of birth and transformation: in the way we create and the way we view our purpose of creating.

Our Values


We see clothes not only as self-expression, but also a form of self-love. 

How our pieces make you feel is important to us - this is why our choice of materials and how each piece is made revolve around our goal to make each piece as comfortable as possible.


We believe in responsible production, in which we consider a product lifecycle from its design process to the end of its lifecycle. 

We are aware of the many environmental issues caused by excess waste and pollution.

Many of these are related to overproduction, the prevalence of a throwaway culture that often results in discarded clothes ending up in landfill, and the use of toxic materials.

We attempt to circumvent these issues by mainly using sustainable materials responsibly sourced in the USA, producing made-to-order to avoid overproduction, as well as collaborating in recycling initiatives.


As much as we love what we do, our creative and sustainable practices are not an end in-and-of themselves.
Rather, they provide opportunities for us to help others in need, especially women in shelters and trafficking survivors.